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We are looking for people to help sew up some snazzy Masks for the wonderful medical staff who are fighting COVID-19 at the front lines who are in lockdown with our grandmas and grandpas (and great-grandmas and great-grandpas) in their assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and hospice care facilities, and who do not have the real deal to keep them safe and healthy because of the current PPE shortages.

Many nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospice care facilities are currently facing a shortage of masks. They are being asked to use the same mask throughout the day or are asked to use scarfs. They simply do not have the resources and are at the end of the list for facilities to get these necessary resources.

I have been in contact with a few directors of nursing facilities who are begging for homemade sewn masks for their staff to help keep their staff and their elderly patients safe and healthy.

Please consider helping! If you don't sew, please consider sharing this with someone you know who does!


Mask Requirement:

*3 layers with a pocket to insert a filter
*With adjustable nose piece (can simply insert a baggie twist tie). Floral wire also works well.
*Can use elastic ear loops or tie behind head. (elastic seems to be hard to find lately)

Mask Dropoff Any Day and Any Time:

*SCORe Soccer Complex -Main entrance
*9509 Dunkelow Road, Franksville WI 53126.
*Gate will be locked.
*There will be a tote just inside the gate. Please put finished masks in tote. Make sure lid is placed back on the tote.
*Tote will be emptied daily

If you do not live near Racine and want to sew masks and donate them to the RASA/AFC Union Sewing Circle, please email us us for our mailing address

Amy Howard

RASA/AFC Union Club Administrator

First Batch Shipped Off!

Our first batch was shipped out on March 30th
Thank you to those who sewed and donated!!

We still have a need for many more masks, so please keep sewing and donating!