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2022-23 Club Information & Player Handbook


AFC Union is a full-service soccer club but AFC Union is not a “one size fits all” club; we have various levels of ability and commitment based programming that will allow for a positive and challenging soccer experience for any and all players. Please read the descriptions of our various level of play to gain a better understanding of what is expected of a player at each particular level.

Premier Teams

This is the top level team in each age group U11-U19 at AFC Union.  The players for these teams are based on performance and commitment levels to training and all match events.  Accepting a spot on an AFC Union Premier team means that commitment will be your player’s top sports priority.  The attendance expectations for players on Premier  teams include, but are not limited to, the following items:

  • 2 training sessions/week, plus potential supplemental sessions (U11/12)
  • 3 training sessions/week (U13-U19)
  • Training attendance is tracked by the Head Coach for all Premier teams
  • All competition events (league matches, tournaments, showcases, Cup competitions)
  • WYSA Cup competition (U13-U19)*; Team Participation in Cup Competition is determined by DOC & Coach
  • All indoor training sessions  & indoor competitions
  • Additional activities as approved by the Head Coach and Director of Coaching

Select Teams

The next tiers of teams are the Select teams at AFC Union.  These teams are formed based on ability level and also as an alternative for those that may not be able to commit to the expectations of a Premier Team.  The attendance expectations for players on these teams include, but are not limited to, the following items:

  • 2 training sessions/week, plus potential supplemental sessions
  • All competition events (league matches and tournaments)
  • Indoor training sessions & indoor competitions
  • Additional activities as approved by the Head Coach and Director of Coaching


Academy Boys & Girls Program (Ages U8-U10)

  • WYSA Accredited Academy member club
  • Fall Season Aug-Nov
  • Spring Season Apr-June
  • Training 2x a week
  • Training sessions held at SCORe
  • Home games at SCORe
  • 10 Winter Indoor Training Sessions
  • Winter League
  • 3 tournaments


U11-U14 Boys & Girls

  • Premier Teams Participate in WYSA SECL, State and MWRL Leagues
    • In cases of age divisions with 2 Premier teams, Premier 1 will participate in the higher league. 
  • Select Teams Participate in WYSA SECL & State Leagues
  • Fall Season Aug-Nov
  • Spring Season Apr-June
  • Training 2-3x a week at SCORe
  • Home games at SCORe
  • 10 Winter Indoor Training Sessions
  • Winter LEague
  • 1 Week team camp
  • 5 tournaments (Premier)*; 4 tournaments (Select)
  • State or President's Cup Fees (if applicable)*

U15-U19 Girls & Boys

  • Girls (Fall): Aug-Nov
  • Boys (Spring):  Mar-June
  • Premier Teams Participation in WYSA State & MWRL Leagues
  • Select Teams Participate in WYSA SECL & State Leagues
  • Training at SCORe
  • Home games at SCORe
  • 10 Winter Indoor Training Sessions
  • Winter League
  • 1 Week team camp U15-U19 Boy teams will recieve additional indoor training session in lieu of Fall team camps
  • 3 tournaments (Premier)*; 2 tournaments (Select)
  • State or President's Cup Fees (if applicable)

U15 8th Grade Fall/Spring Program

U15 8th Grade Fall/Spring Program is for U15 players who are in 8th grade, or for U15 players who are in high school and do not play with their high school team but wish to play club both fall & spring season.

There is a $150 charge in addition of the regular club fee for those participating in the U15 Fall/Spring Program. The following is included in the "add on" season; for U15 Boys in the Fall and for U15 Girls in the Spring

  • Participation in league TBD depending on participating numbers and ability for viable team
  • Practice 2-3x week
  • 1 Competitions - dependent on team formation. Either:
    • 1 League or 1 Tournament


2021-2022 SOCCER YEAR

The dates below are meant to serve as an early indicator of important general club-wide events throughout the 2020-2021 soccer year.  Each specific team’s calendar will be finalized by the Director of Coaching in conjunction with the Head Coach and communicated to the respective teams no later than July 1. 

  • Week of August 9:  Team Camp
  • August 29/30  Midwest Club Friendlies
  • September 4-6: TBD
  • September 11:  WYSA Fall season begins 
  • October 2/3:  Racine Lighthouse Classic Tournament
  • November 5-7:  Racine Harvest Classic Tournament
  • November 14/15:  WYSA Fall season ends (tentative)
  • November 21/22:  U15-U19 Boys indoor sessions begin (tentative)
  • January  :  Club-provided Indoor training begins
  • April 2:  Outdoor training begins (weather dependent)
  • April 24/25:  Rick Kilps Classic Tournament
  • April/May/June:  WYSA Spring season (start/end dates TBD)
  • May (TBD):  Club Tournament TBD
  • May 28-31:  WYSA State Cup (U13 Girls & U13-U19 Boys, selected teams)
  • June 6: SCORe Some More Academy Showcase (U8 & U10 Teams)

The dates and events listed below are subject to additions & change based on team formations and other circumstances that may arise during the year.

Service Hour Requirement

All AFC Union families, ages U5 through U19, are required to provide 6 Hours of service per player as part of their commitment to AFC Union. 

Service hours are completed in working 5 of our events:

Midwest Club Friendlies
Racine Lighthouse Classic
Wisconsin Harvest Classic
Rick Kilps Classic
WYSA Presidents Cup hosted at SCORe
Any other events hosted by or at SCORe 

Families that do not fulfill their service hours will be charged a Service Hours Fee of $50/Service Hour per player. 

*families with more than 2 players in AFC Union only need to complete service hours for 2 players for a maximum of 12 service hours


Players Responsibilities

  • Players are expected to respect their teammates, coaches and trainers at all times.
  • Practice time is devoted to player development and fun within the game. Positive attitude and focus are keys to success.
  • Players are to be considered late to practice if they are not on the field and dressed to play at the designated practice time.
  • Players are required to wear the AFC Union Training Shirt to every practice.
  • If you will be late to a practice or game or will not be there due to illness or conflict you are required to notify the coaching staff.
  • Players are considered to be late on game days if they do not arrive 45 minutes prior to kick off.
  • Players are required to wear the complete and current AFC Union uniforms to all games
  • The use of shin guards is required at SCORe
  • Players and coaches are held responsible for picking up after themselves at each practice and at games.

The Coaches Responsibilities

  • The coaches will create a competitive training and playing environment that assists the growth of our players mentally, physically, tactically, and technically
  • The coaches will maintain high standards for ourselves as well as our players
  • The coaches will challenge each player to better themselves throughout the year in multiple areas of focus: mental, physical, tactical, technical
  • The coaches will demand a high level of energy and competition with the team at each practice. This effort will ultimately translate to the team being more competitive on game day
  • As coaches we will take pride in our team and in our club and expect the players and parents to do so as well.

The Parents Responsibilities

  • I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, game officials, and administrators at all times
  • I will place the emotional and physical well being of all players ahead of any personal desire to win
  • I will support the coaches, officials, and administrators working with my child and the club, in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all
  • I will remember that the game is for the players, not for the adults
  • I will ask and will expect my child to treat other players, coaches, game officials, administrators, and fans with respect
  • I will always be positive
  • I will always allow the coach to be the only coach
  • I will not get into arguments with the opposing team’s parents, players, or coaches
  • I will not come onto the field for any reason during the game
  • I will not criticize game officials
  • Alcohol, tobacco products, illegal drugs, and unauthorized prescription drugs shall not be possessed, consumed, or distributed before, during or after any practice or game or at any other time at the SCORe complex or any other game complex. SCORe is a SMOKE FREE ZONE.
  • I will refrain from any activity or conduct that may be detrimental or reflect adversely upon RASA, AFC Union, its members, and its programs.