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Emailed to AFC Membership
May 12th, 2020


AFC Families,

We wish you and your family the best during these challenging times and look forward to your child’s return this fall.

With the spring season cancelled because of the Coronavirus epidemic, AFC Union Pre-Academy through U14 families, will be refunded 25% of their annual fee (adjusted for actual paid in and any potential financial aid). Refunds were based on retaining 75% of your initial fee to cover fall costs as well as winter indoor facility costs and compensation for coaches over the winter. 

(Pre-Academy through U14 players newly registered to AFC Union for the Spring 2020 will receive a full refund of paid fees)

To ensure refunds are provided to the proper person and address, clink the link below and complete following form for each player you have in AFC Union


Please allow up to 30 days from the day of your request to receive your check.

We regret the cancellation of this season, but our eyes are already looking forward to the fall season and potentially some summer league offerings (stay tuned).

Thank you for selecting AFC Union, and we wish you and your family the best of health during these uncertain times.



AFC Union Families

We wish you and your family the best during these challenging times and for those returning next year, we look forward to seeing you then. 

For families with kids graduating high school, we wish them the best in their post high school endeavors.

With the spring season cancelled because of the Coronavirus epidemic, AFC Union boy’s high school players will be refunded 75% of their spring fees (adjusted for actual paid in and any potential financial aid). The retainage of the 25% by the club, was necessary to offset the costs related to indoor training and to compensate coaches for their time and effort over the winter.

To ensure refunds are provided to the proper person and address, click the link below. Complete this form for each player you have in AFC Union


Please allow up to 30 days from the day of your request to receive your check.

We regret the cancellation of this season, but our eyes are already looking forward to the fall season and potentially some summer league offerings (stay tuned).

Thank you for selecting AFC Union, and we wish you and your family the best of health during these uncertain times.


If you have any questions regarding the refund / your players refund please Contact Fred Yasatan

Fred Yasatan

RASA / AFC Union Financial Director

Phone: 262-989-0887


Emailed to AFC Membership
May 2nd, 2020

AFC Families,

Thank you for your patience with the follow up email.

Even though we knew this would be a distinct possibility, I don’t think anyone could prepare themselves for the disappointment of a cancelled season. I have personally had an empty feeling all day with the news this morning.

Thank you to all that have sent positive notes via email and text to Amy after the release of news. I received a couple but she pours her heart and soul into the club and it truly is appreciated.

Over the past weeks, we have heard from numerous families about the hopeful anticipation of even having a late, shortened season. Now, I am sure your children are experiencing a wide variety of emotions with the news. I could grab one of the numerous, recycled sentiments to express how this affects our moment in time, I won’t. Simply put, it stinks!

While we had hoped to be able to bring some normalcy in all of this, we can’t. The positive from the news, a little less is unknown. We can now move forward with planning and execution.

Above anything else, please take care of your family, stay positive and look for opportunities to be active. I hope during this time we can provide an opportunity for distraction and physical activity. While we can’t be on the fields together, we still plan to be here for you. We plan to keep sending training sessions and opportunities for our athletes to have fun and improve. Take what you like, do what you can but prioritize what fits the needs of your family.

Below are some topics that we as a club want to address. Some are new and some of them were already identified but we have elaborated. We will continue to provide updates when warranted. If anything is not covered, a google form link will be forwarded to allow for compilation. This will come in a separate email.


  • All leagues sanctioned or operated by WYSA are canceled for Spring 2020.
  • This includes; SECL, Academy, State Leagues and In-House Recreation
  • As a member of WYSA, we must abide by these decisions for the remainder of the soccer year ending July 31.


  • Tournament Sanctioning for June event has been cancelled by WYSA.
  • This would have been the Kilps and SCORe Some More. These along with our cancelled Wisconsin Youth open event means three tournaments and their associated revenue are lost.
  • Our Fall 2020-21 events are currently still Sanctioned
    • Midwest Friendlies
    • Lighthouse Classic
  • We plan to operate 1 – 2 winter events along with resuming the Kilps Classic and SCORe Some More in the Spring 2021 season


The impacts of COVID-19 and the stay at home orders has had a negative effect on most if not all of our members, staff and the community. RASA anticipates well into six-figure gross revenue losses for our fiscal year ending June 30.

RASA is fortunate to be in a position to ride out the storm so to speak with excellent fiscal planning and management led by Fred Yasatan over the past 10 years.

Just days after the announcement of “Stay at Home” in early March, the board convened and was decisive in its determination that should the season be cancelled, refunds were to be a part of the plan. The board has discussed a number of scenarios to do right by our families, athletes and coaching staff.


  • Dollar amount of refunds varies by age group and individual
  • Factors determining amount
    • Fixed costs
    • Variable costs
    • Pacing of expenses
  • Process (what we do know)
    • Exact process still TBD
    • An email specific to refunds will be sent by middle of next week.
    • Amy has cancelled all scheduled credit card payments that were set for May and June. 
      • PLEASE NOTE: You may still receive a reminder that payment is due, please ignore. We can not simply delete the payments as we need to keep the payment as to retain an accurate balance on your account. However, credit cards have been deactivated and will not be charged.  ​​​​
    • Fred is currently evaluating individual payments
    • We are in process of determining best format for refund (Check or CC)
    • We anticipate taking 3 – 4 weeks to compile and complete process
    • Will have option to donate the refund for a tax deduction.
    • Fred Yasatan will lead the process
    • Fred and Amy will execute

TRYOUTS FOR 2020-2021

  • Moved to July 13 –July 21
  • This encompasses U11 – U19
  • Will have additional information as directors have an opportunity to meet in the coming days.


  • Training currently suspended by WYSA until further notice
  • As restrictions ease, we will look to provide opportunities for live, in-person training with WYSA and Board approval.
  • The club cannot endorse or provide space for private group or individual training at this time.
  • Club will continue to put out weekly training plans etc for work at home
  • Coaches are asked to stay in contact with teams and families


  • RASA carries private insurance for leagues and supplemental programs which will allow us to operate independent programs outside of WYSA once the State of Wisconsin and local authorities allow.
  • Camp still on as scheduled.
  • Exploring viability of 3v3 or different format of a Summer League.
  • Other summer options being discussed.


  • SCORe is closed with minimum upkeep to control costs as much as possible in this area.
  • When it re-opens, minimal field lining and equipment available.
  • Should we operate summer programming.


During this challenging time, we have had numerous individual efforts in support of our athletes. With the length of this email, starting next week, we will begin recognizing staff that has gone above and beyond via facebook and the website.


  • Will open mid to late May
  • Pricing and program information will be available at that time.


  • Most likely to be a virtual meeting.
  • Date to be set by end of May

Thank you again,
RASA Board of Directors

Wayne Howard
AFC Union - Executive Director

Club Update April 30, 2020

Emailed to all AFC Union Membership
Thursday April 30, 2020

AFC Union Families, Coaches, and Managers,

Over the past weeks we have been hopeful that this day would not come. This morning, the WYSA has communicated that the Spring 2020 season will be cancelled rather than delayed.

This includes leagues, tournaments, cup competitions, and special programs.

With the speed in which communication is dispersed, rather than hastily putting an email out that may be confusing, we will provide greater detail in an email late afternoon/early evening addressing the course that the Board and club have planned for.

Some basics on WYSA cancellation:

  • No Leagues provided by the WYSA.
  • No in-house leagues under WYSA.
  • No tournaments for May and June.
  • No President’s or State Cup competitions
  • Tryouts have been moved to July.
  • Continued suspension of training until Local and State agencies allow for a return to play.

One of the biggest questions that have and will be asked about is fees. The Board planned for several different scenarios which included late start season, partial season, and no season. The plan for no season does include refunding a portion of player fees. Additional information specific to fees will be sent regarding amounts, options, and process.

The club will continue to provide virtual training plans as it has to date.

We will be discussing opportunities to further engage our athletes with Directors, Coaches, and the Board.

As this announcement is about an hour old, please allow us some time to put a more detailed course of action together for you.

Thank you all for being supportive and patient through this unique time.

Take Care,

Club Update April 16, 2020

Emailed to all AFC Union Membership
Thursday April 16, 2020

AFC Union Families,

We hope you are all safe and healthy during these uncertain times. As such, we wanted to reach out personally to provide you with some level of certainty. We recently sent out a letter to our RASA recreation program indicating a tentative timeline for returning to play based on current information.

This is easier to do with the RASA recreation program as it is an in-house league and has very little dependence on our state association (WYSA) for operation. In contrast, the AFC Union program is very dependent on our state association. In particular, the operation of leagues and approval of tournament operation.

With that said, we want to identify what the organization is able to communicate with regard to the Spring 2020 Season currently and moving forward. Unfortunately, there are still many unknowns that we will not have answers to for a couple of weeks and even then, everything will still be fluid.

  • With the extension of Stay at Home from the Governor, we have to plan on no in-person contact until May 26. This would include team trainings, scrimmages, and other activities.
  • The WYSA is gathering data and information from clubs currently and has a May 1 target for identifying what league competitions will look like.
  • The Federal government has released its guidelines for “Opening up America Again”. States have the discretion to implement as they see fit. This will be the biggest driving force for the WYSA and us.
  • The WYSA has indicated a competition season of June 1 – July 12.
  • The WYSA is reviewing tryout dates for the upcoming 2020-2021 soccer year.
  • The club has and will continue to put together training sessions and activities that players can do at home.
  • The club will continue to put out video challenges for membership to “show off” their skills but also gain touches on the ball.
  • The club will continue to update the website quarantraining page with age-appropriate skill work and the training sessions we continue to release.
  • Myself, Roy and Joe Manley have a competition conference call with the WYSA tomorrow to find out more details regarding the path they want to take for returning to play.
  • We are scheduled for a conference call with our coaching staff on Saturday to discuss the information from WYSA as well as address any concerns, identify strategies for operating under the current Stay at home orders, etc…
  • There is a RASA Board meeting (virtual) next Tuesday in which we will discuss the information provided from WYSA and look to put a plan in place for our return to play.
  • We will communicate more info as it becomes more concrete.

I am sure that you have begun to if not already have been paying attention to notices from US Soccer, US Youth Soccer and others resources their actions and plans as well as speculation from others.

While there is some impact from those announcements on us, as an organization the most impact comes from the WYSA. Information and planning will come from the actions that WYSA takes and provides to us. They are up to date on the same information that is seen on social media and elsewhere but are knowledgeable about it prior to release and take this information into consideration in it’s planning. As such, so do we.

If you have questions regarding the potential impact from these types of announcements or any other concerns, please contact myself or Roy. Uncertain times are being experienced by everyone. Please allow us the opportunity to provide you with clear and accurate information as well as identifying the true impact and pertinence to our programming. Now that we have a clearer picture, we hope to be able to identify a clearer plan moving forward.

Thank you.
Stay safe and healthy.

Wayne Howard
Executive Director – RASA/AFC Union

Roy Wiggemansen
Director of Coaching – AFC Union

Matt Koker
President – RASA/AFC Union

Club Update March 19, 2020

Email sent to all membership 3.19.2020

AFC Union Families,

We want to provide you with a brief update with COVID-19 and the upcoming spring 2020 AFC Union Season

At this time the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (our sanctioning body) has followed US Soccer and has suspended all activities until April 30th.  We are making the decision to adhere to WYSA guidelines and practices pertaining to COVID-19 and cancel all team trainings for that duration of time.

The WYSA has suspended the start of the season after April 30th. This impacts the Rick Kilps Classic.

Fortunately we had tournament sanctioning for the SCORe Some More Academy Showcase on June 6th and 7th. The WYSA has allowed us to amend our sanctioning to include U11 through U19. We will now be combining the 2 events into the 2020 Rick Kilps Classic, for teams U7 through U19.  All teams will be participating in this event on June 6th and 7th.

The WYSA has set the start of the Spring 2020 season to tentatively begin on May 2nd and has been extended to July 12th if necessary.

This provides flexibility for rainouts, reschedules, or extended delay in the start of the season.

Tryout dates have not changed and will remain as set by the WYSA.

We will be looking to provide some soccer homework. Some coaches may have already provided this to your player’s team. We will also be looking to provide some online on the AFC Union website.

We continue to monitor the ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our little soccer community and life.  We will keep you update via email and information posted to the AFC Union website.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us


Friday, March 20, 2020
Email sent to all registered teams

Coaches, Managers, and Team Contacts, 

With the ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recommendations from the WYSA and US Soccer, we have made the decision to not hold the Rick Kilps Classic the weekend of April 25th & 26th. 

We will be rescheduling the 2020 Rick Kilps Classic for June 6th & 7th. We will be combining the Rick Kilps Classic with an existing WYSA sanctioned event, AFC Union SCORe Some More Academy Showcase, that is scheduled for that weekend. The "new" 2020 Rick Kilps Classic will now include the age divisions U7 through U10, to be a U7-U19 Event.**

We will leave registrations for the 2020 Rick Kilps Classic as is for 96 hours (through 7am Tuesday March 24th). 

  • Please inform us via email by 7am March 24th if you wish to keep your team's registration for the new Rick Kilps Date of June 6th & 7th
  • If we do not receive contact from you regarding your team, we will delete your team's registration on Tuesday, March 24th and make any necessary refunds. 

**Please note, for clubs that generally attend the SCORe Some More Academy Showcase. U7-U10 ages will no longer be playing in the "play up" model as in past SCORe Some More Academy events, but rather will play their true age division format. It will be a two-day tournament for those ages. Additionally, the registration fees for U7-U10 will increase by $10 from what is currently published for the 2020 SCORe Some More Academy Showcase. 

Thank you,
Wayne Howard
AFC Union Executive Director
Tournament Director