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U6 & U7 Pre-Academy Program

Boys & Girls

2022-2023 Birth years
U6 - born in 2017

U7 -  born in 2016

Is your child always looking to do more soccer? Are they ready to be challenged on the pitch, to take it up a notch?
We have the solution.
AFC Union Soccer Club offers a Pre-Academy program for U6 & U7 players. The Pre-Academy program provides the player who wants more, the opportunity to get more.
Each team in the Pre-Academy program has a coach that has been selected and screened by the AFC Union Pre-Academy director. The coaches are required to hold a coaching license as well as encouraged to attend additional coaching clinics and advance in the level of the coaching license they hold. In addition to the team coach, AFC Union licensed professional trainers to work with and alongside the team coach.
The Pre-Academy training is run in an academy setting (multiple teams training together) following a professional training curriculum that has been created for our Pre-Academy program. The academy approach to training is used by the best clubs worldwide because of its effectiveness in developing players.
Players in the Pre-Academy have two 1 hour-long training sessions a week.

Racine Area training sessions will be determined each season and are held in the evenings at SCORe Soccer Complex.  Please contact the director of Pre-Academy for further information.

Your registration also includes 3 tournaments for your Pre-Academy player to participate in. 

There will be optional winter opportunities to involve your child in as well, ranging from training, leagues, and tournaments, and that'll be provided in the interest of the players and collective group.  NOTE - Each child's registration already includes 10 weeks of additional winter training without any additional payment. 
If your player loves soccer and is craving more, we highly suggest the AFC Union Pre-Academy program. The level of training and the additional opportunities that are provided will help them develop into the best player they can be. And if your player is interested in moving into club soccer when they are older, the Pre-Academy program is a great stepping stone into the club soccer/select soccer world, providing them with a good foundation and an advantage for when they do. 

AFC Union Racine Pre-Academy Program

  • Based in Racine Area
    • For Racine & surrounding north communities
  • All training sessions at SCORe Soccer Complex
  • All Games at SCORe Soccer Complex


AFC Union's U6/U7 Pre-Academy Program is an Open Registration Program. There are no tryouts! Any player that has the desire and the love of the game and wants to participate in the AFC Union Pre-Academy program is welcome to join!


Select AFC Union U6/U7 Pre-Academy from Program Selection

If you have registered for RASA Recreational program for the Fall 2022/Spring 2023 Season already and you wish to transfer to the AFC Union Pre-Academy program,  Please email
BEFORE registering for the Pre-Academy Program

Payment Options

Pay In Full Online via Credit Card

You can pay your fees online with Credit Card or Debit Card


Pay OffLine In Full with Check

Pay in full offline with check. Payment must be received within 14 days of registering. Mail Check to:

AFC Union/Pre-Academy
PO Box 370
Franksville, WI 53126

LATE FEE:  If payment has not received within 30 days, a $35 Late Fee will be added to your fees. If payment has not been received after 60 days, a $65 Late Fee will be added to your fees. 

RASA Recreational Program vs. AFC Union Pre-Academy Program

  U6/U7 Traditional RASA RecreationalProgram   U6/U7 AFC Union Pre-Academy 
Cost / Fee $130 $295
Seasons included with Registration 2 - Fall 2021/Spring 2022 2 - Fall 2021/Spring 2022
Coach Volunteer Parent Coach Team Coach screened by AFC Union staff  Licensed AFC Union Professional Trainers. Team Coach is licensed and continuous coaching education.
Practice vs Training Practice 1 night per week Training 2 nights per week (1-team session / 1-station training session) Professional curriculum)
Winter Training NA 10 Weeks Winter Training
Games Weekends at SCORe RASA Rec League7-8 Games in Spring & Fall Games on weekends at SCORe or UW Parkside depending on program
Tournaments (max) none 3***
Uniform RASA Rec Jersey and Socks Included AFC Union Pre-Academy Nike Kit Included
AFC Union Training Shirt NA 1
Benefits of the AFC Union Program NA AFC Union Pre-Academy Program was one of the first clubs to be a WYSA Accredited Youth Academy. Accelerated and advanced skill building higher level of Player Development. Better prepares kids for future Academy and Select/Travel Club programs. Higher level of competitive games. Satisfies the players desire to play more soccer