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Amy Howard

Tournament Registration Director

Phone: 262-745-2404

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can players play on more than one team?

No. Players can only be on ONE tournament roster and play with ONE team in the tournament.

What is the roster size for my age division/team and how many club pass and guest players can I roster for the tournament?

Please see chart below for roster maximum for your age division. 

  • Team can have unlimited Club Pass Players - that is players from your SAME club but not rostered to your team
  • Team U9 and older have a limit of 4 Guest Players - that is players from a DIFFERENT club. 

Roster Sizes and Guest Player Limits

Age Division Birth Year Roster Max Club Player Max** Guest Player Max***
U7 2013 10 unlimited 3
U8 2012 10 unlimited 3
U9 2011 14 unlimited 4
U10 2010 14 unlimited 4
U11 2009 16 unlimited 4
U12 2008 16 unlimited 4
U13 2007 22* unlimited 4
U14 2006 22* unlimited 4
U15 2005 22* unlimited 4
U16 2004 22* unlimited 4
U17 2003 22* unlimited 4
U18 2002 22* unlimited 4
U19 2001 22* unlimited 4

*U13 through U19 Roster Max is 22. Only 18 players can be suited up for a game and on your team sideline. 
** Club Pass Player is a player from within your own Club, but not rostered to your team
** Guest Player is a player NOT from within your own Club, but from a different soccer club/organization.