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U15-U19 Select


BIRTH YEARS 2007-2003

Age Division Birthyear
U15 2008
U16 2007
U17 2006
U18 2005
U19 2004

By the high school ages of U15-U19, AFC Union will form select girl’s teams for the fall and boy’s teams for the spring.  Players generally then play for their high school teams during their non-club season.   Since for many, high school soccer will be the single highest level of organized soccer they will play, it is one of AFC Union's goals to prepare all our players, to the best of their abilities, to be successful during this age of competition, and for a select few, for ODP and/or collegiately.

There is a high level of expectation from the player by the club at U15 and above. While AFC Union does not restrict player’s participation in other sports, the competitive nature of club soccer demands that the player make a decision when conflicts arise. To be fair to teammates and the coaching staff, once a player becomes U15 they need to have made the decision that soccer is their priority. Players are expected to make training sessions, tournaments and games a priority over all other sporting interests.

Included In U15-U19 Select Fees:

  •  Competitive Soccer- players interested in playing at a high level.  Most play H.S. with some aspiring to play at the collegiate level.
  • Fall Aug-Oct (Girls)/ Spring Apr-June (Boys) 
  • Training Locations
    • SCORe Soccer Complex
  • Home Game Locations
    • SCORe Soccer Complex
  • Goalkeeper Training
  • Winter training (10 sessions)
  • 1 Training Shirt
  • Experienced coach (minimum D license)

League Play (included in annual fees)

  • Premier Teams participate in State or MWRL League*
  • Select Teams participate in State or SECL
  • U15 Fall/Spring Teams - League TBD*
  • Premier & Select teams participate in Winter League

Tournaments (included in annual fees)

  • Premier Teams - 3 tournaments max
  • Select Teams - 2 tournaments
  • U15 Fall/Spring Teams - 1 additional competition*

*Cup Participation determined by DOC
*Cup/Invite may count as a club-provided tournament based on acceptance

*Participating in second league may count towards # of competitions

*U15 8th Grade - 1 Competition based on team composition. May be 1 Tournament and/or 1 League
*Teams may choose to participate in additional Team-Paid competitions/tournaments. These events registrations are paid for by the team through a team funds collection.  
*Coach Travel Expense for away tournaments is not included in club fees. This is an additional player/team expense paid by the team through a team funds collection

2021-2022 U15-U19 Fees

U15-U19 $995 $796
U15 8th Grade Fall/Spring +$150 +$150

*Club Fee does not include cost of uniform / Purchase of uniform. 
Required Uniform Kit (2 Jerseys, 2 Short, 2 Sock) is approximately $120. 


For Tryout dates, location, and to pre-register online


For Club Fee Info, Payment Options, Financial Aid, and additional information

U15 8th Grade Fall/Spring

U15 8th Grade Fall/Spring is for U15 8th Graders to offer them an additional season opposite their U15 Club season. (while the U15 freshman are playing High School soccer), or for U15 Freshmen who do not choose not to play their high school season. 

For U15 8th Grade Boys, this additional season is in the Fall
For U15 8th Grade Girls, this additional season is in the Spring

The cost of this additional "add on" season to the U15 club season is $150.

Your player will receive:

  • Training 2x week
  • 1 Competition
  • Based on team composition:
  • If a viable team can be formed, team will be registered into WYSA U15 8th grade League Divison
  • If numbers dictate that a viable team can not play in league, team will form an event team with a sister club and play in 1 tournament during the season. 

Roy Wiggemansen

Director of Coaching

Phone: 847-502-5177